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Brian Altman QC Testimonials

Brian Altman QC - Testimonials

Brian Altman QC is one of the UK’s leading barristers, with an unrivalled reputation for his excellent advice and the results he has achieved at trial and in the Court of Appeal as both prosecuting and defence counsel.

"Pre-eminent silk whose experience as former First Senior Treasury Counsel cemented his status as a highly in-demand prosecutor of some of the most noteworthy murder and terrorism cases of recent years. He now boasts a flourishing defence practice, and undertakes work in murder and drug trafficking cases among others. He is also noted for his skill in handling high-profile terrorism cases.

A very high-quality advocate who is assured and never fails to prepare his cases 100%. Both inquiries and juries are impressed by him as he doesn't leave any stone unturned. He is an inpressive all-round barrister at the top of his game."

Chambers Bar guide for 2019 (Crime)

"Having had a long tenure as Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court, he has deep insight into the mechanics of prosecuting criminal cases. He is frequently sought out by global corporations to advise on the potential criminal ramifications of officer conduct and corporate transactions. His deep expertise in financial crime cases encompasses significant SFO and CMA investigations.”

"Very bright and very experienced; he's very good." "He is a formidable advocate."

Chambers Bar guide for 2019 (Financial crime: corporates)



"A master of every detail in complex cases, he is a leading silk for prosecuting terrorism cases."

Legal 500 for 2019 (Crime (general))

"He has absolute clarity of purpose and gets straight to the heart of any matter."

Legal 500 for 2019 (Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations))


"Amazingly thorough and someone with an unrivalled attention to detail." "If anyone will make it work, Brian will. You can't stop him.”

Chambers Bar guide for 2018 (Crime)

"His experience as Treasury Counsel gives him an edge.”

Legal 500 2018 (Crime (general))

"International clients highly respect his expertise and insight into how the prosecution reacts.”

Legal 500 2018 (Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations))

"Interviewees praise him for his meticulous preparation and attention to detail."

"His work is just outstanding and his judgement impeccable, and he certainly deserves to be rated extremely highly."

"What I found when I was in court is that he commands an awful lot of respect because it is deserved"

Chambers Bar Guide for 2017 (Crime)

"Definitely a hard hitter.""

Chambers Bar Guide for 2017 (Financial crime: corporates)


Your commitment to my case both professionally and personally was top class. I could sense your personal determination to do the best you could, you are clearly an exceptionally talented advocate, both by reputation and watching/listening to you in Court"


“Brian Altman QC is extensively experienced in representing high-net-worth individuals and large corporates, as well as prosecuting for the FCA and the CMA in large fraud cases. According to one peer, “He is extremely influential and carries significant gravitas"
Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2017

“Thorough and hardworking; he never makes a mistake"
The Legal 500 (UK Bar), Crime, Leading Silks, 2016

"A former First Senior Treasury Counsel who has seen and done it all in terms of handling the biggest criminal cases. Recently, he has been handling a number of cold case murders and complex terrorism charges arising from the Syrian civil war. Commentators admire him for supreme attention to detail."

“For cold case murders, he is a go-to barrister because he is able to draw together all the small pieces to provide a coherent analysis, and he knows these cases so well that there is nothing the defence can come up with to outfox him. He is completely relentless, extremely personable and a great team player."

"He is a master of detail who never makes a mistake."
The 2016 edition of Chambers Bar Guide

“Confident and charming, especially when handling private prosecutions"
The Legal 500 (UK Bar), Business and Regulatory Crime, 2016

 "I have found him to be incredibly client service-oriented. He is very timely, and never lets us down as instructing solicitors. I haven't met another barrister who has been as good in terms of client service in my career."
The 2016 edition of Chambers Bar Guide

"He is just the type of barrister you would want for a case like this as he is able to bring all the circumstantial evidence for it together and present a very compelling case for the prosecution".
CPS spokesperson interviewed on BBC4 documentary series "The Prosecutors"

“Extremely well prepared and thorough in all that he does.
No small detail escapes his attention"

The Legal 500 (UK Bar), Crime, 2015

“He is very thorough, very detailed and very focused.
He is a top lawyer.He has amazing style in proving his point."

The 2015 edition of Chambers Bar Guide

“Formerly first senior Treasury counsel, he has handled the most high-profile cases imaginable and is highly praised for his very fine cross examination skills. He is relentless. He gets results”
The 2014 edition of Chambers Bar guide

“Court reporters sit around and argue over top prosecutors the way that fight fans talk about boxers. Who's the best, pound-for-pound? We all had our favourites. Mine was Brian Altman QC, vanquisher of Milly Dowler's repulsive killer Levi Bellfield, among others.
Mr Altman is an expert cross-examiner, breaking down the hardest of the hard men with patient, remorseless logic, trapping them with their own lies.”
“…when you are alone in the witness box, facing Brian Altman QC, no one can help you.”

Patrick Worrall Channel 4 News

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