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Brian Altman QC Expertise

Brian Altman QC - Expertise

One of Britain’s top lawyers

Brian Altman QC is acknowledged as one of Britain’s top lawyers. He specialises in major corporate fraud, bribery, corruption and serious crime (terrorism and murder). He has a proven record of delivering outstanding results in appeals. He advises prominent private and corporate clients, as well as the UK Government, on a wide range of high profile and more esoteric issues. He also advises companies on corporate governance, compliance and regulatory matters.

Brian’s clients have included foreign multinational corporations, UK companies, household name companies, and other organisations, as well as well-known high net worth individuals and a Middle Eastern Royal Family. Instructed by many well-known leading City solicitors, as well as by in-house counsel, he is also available for ‘direct access’ work.

With his long and successful experience as leading counsel in serious, high profile cases, Brian has been one of Britain’s top barristers for many years, with unrivalled experience heading up and advising large teams of lawyers and investigators. In January 2017 Brian was appointed lead counsel to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, and in October 2017 led in the hearings on Rochdale and the late Sir Cyril Smith.

Brian was Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey for a highly successful 16 years until 2013, the last two and a half years of which were as First Senior Treasury Counsel. During that time he advised on and prosecuted some of the best-known cases of the day. These included John Downey, alleged to be an IRA man guilty of the 1982 Hyde Park bombing, who had been arrested after erroneously receiving from the Government in 2007 a so-called ‘comfort letter’ (indicating he was not wanted in the UK). Other notorious cases include the abduction and murder of Milly Dowler and the Birmingham suicide bomb plot.

Brian’s strengths:

  • Forensic attention to detail
  • Distinctive presentation style
  • Strategic and tactical
  • Bold decision maker
  • Understands complex financial and IT data issues
  • Problem solver
  • Expert cross examiner
  • Tenacious, committed and determined
  • Convincing, persuasive, passion and compassion
  • Gains confidence of senior decision makers
  • Analytical, precise, razor sharp
  • Logical and intelligent

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Brian Altman QC is a barrister regulated by the Bar Standards Board