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Brian Altman QC Testimonials

Brian Altman KC - Testimonials

Brian Altman KC is one of the UK’s leading barristers, with an unrivalled reputation for his excellent legal and strategic advice and the results he achieves at trial and in appellate courts as both prosecuting and defence counsel. He has also been highly commended for his work as lead counsel to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). Brian was featured in The Times on 17 December 2020 as their Lawyer of the Week for his work as lead counsel to this Inquiry.

“A stalwart of the criminal Bar who has attracted widespread commendation for his work at the helm of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2024 (Inquests & Public Inquiries)

“Incredibly thorough, impressive in court and has a huge legal knowledge.” “A master of the detail. His real strength is in mastering the detail and presenting that in a form that is digestible to the jury.” “Carries a degree of gravitas that doesn’t come often. He will always be one of the greats of the Bar in his generation.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2024 (Crime)

“Widely recognised for his ability to handle both complex and novel issues of law. He is involved in some of the most high-profile cases regarding crime and fraud.
Chambers Bar Guide 2024 (Financial Crime: Corporates)

“The heavyweight champion of the inquiry world. A brilliant operator.”
Legal 500 2024 (Inquests and Inquiries)

“A colossus of the Bar who deservedly commands the respect of the judiciary, opponents, clients and all of his team. His advocacy is pitched perfectly, and he combines gravitas and legal mastery with a common touch. He is a brilliant tactician and clients, lay and professional, love him. Simply one of the best.”
Legal 500 2024 (Crime)

“One of the best of his generation. There are few that equal his ability and skill.”
Legal 500 2024 (Business & Regulatory Crime (Including Global Investigations))

“He has an extraordinary amount of experience and is a real perfectionist who dedicates himself to his cases entirely.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2023 (Crime)

Brian is a leader in this field and one of only a handful of go-to barristers for inquiries. His criminal experience makes him a very effective counsel to the inquiry or chair of an inquiry; and he can manage huge teams and vast quantities of material, which makes him ideal for this sort of work. He has all the skills to get the best out of witnesses, opponents and panellists, and his advocacy is focused, clear and strategic.
Legal 500 2023 (Inquests and Inquiries)

“Brian is one of big beasts of the criminal Bar. He combines a ferocious work ethic, incredible attention to detail and strategic vision. He commands the confidence of the court as well as he commands his brief – a superb appellate advocate.”
Legal 500 2023 (Business & Regulatory Crime (Including Global Investigations)

He is a force of nature. He is extremely driven and hard-working.”  “He brings all the forensic ability of one of the great criminal practitioners into the inquest arena.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2022 (Inquests & Public Inquiries)

“He is always on top of the facts and brilliant in his lateral thinking. His advocacy is second to none in terms of the way he cross-examines and conveys his points.”  “Brian makes himself available and brings a lot of gravitas to the case.”  “So hard-working, he understands the issues and gets to the point.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2022 (Crime)

“Brian is formidable. He sets high standards for all involved and has complete mastery of the detail of a case.  Nothing gets past him and he is very effective in his advocacy in the role of counsel to the inquiry.”
Legal 500 2022 (Inquests and Inquiries)

“Brian is hugely experienced, strategically astute, has impeccable judgment of risk and commands the respect of both the client and the judiciary. An inspirational leader who demands high standards of himself and others. He is a role model in his capacity for hard work, attention to detail but never losing sight of the bigger picture.”
Legal 500 2022 (Business & Regulatory Crime (Including Global Investigations)

“Brian is unstoppable. Like a steam-roller, once he’s set his course, he won’t deviate from his path and will crush anything that gets in the way. He has an absolute wealth of experience in dealing with the highest profile cases.” Legal 500 2022 (Crime)

“A class act. Very well prepared and in control of proceedings.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2021 (Inquests & Public Inquiries)

“He’s a stunningly good cross-examiner. He’s a regular prosecutor at the Old Bailey and brings that skill to this work. He’s unquestionably at the top of his game.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2021 (Inquests & Public Inquiries)

“He is an absolutely top silk and is very determined.” “Fearless in his approach to cases.” “A real class act who displays huge attention to detail.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2021 (Crime)

“Strategic nous and his judgement is impeccable. He works incredibly hard and delivers, and is someone you can trust with absolute confidence on a difficult case.”
Legal 500 2021 (Inquests & Inquiries)

“A leader who cuts through to the essence of a case. When you instruct him, he inspires huge confidence. A true luminary. Above all, in heavy business and regulatory crime and investigatory cases, he is truly fearless.”
Legal 500 2021 (Business & Regulatory Crime)

“A real heavyweight at the Criminal Bar. He is very hard working and hard as nails. His attention to detail is excellent but does not stop him from making the broad points in a very jury-friendly manner.”
Legal 500 2021 (Crime)

“Pre-eminent silk whose experience as former First Senior Treasury Counsel cemented his status as a highly in-demand prosecutor of some of the most noteworthy murder and terrorism cases of recent years. He now boasts a flourishing defence practice and undertakes work in murder and drug trafficking cases among others. He is also noted for his skill in handling high-profile terrorism cases.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2020 (Crime)

“Brian’s attention to detail and mastery of the facts is second to none.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2020 (Crime)

“Having had a long tenure as Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court, he has deep insight into the mechanics of prosecuting criminal cases. He is frequently sought out by global corporations to advise on the potential criminal ramifications of officer conduct and corporate transactions. His deep expertise in financial crime cases encompasses significant SFO and CMA investigations.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2020 (Financial Crime: Corporates)

“A class act. His preparation for hearings is meticulous and he shows excellent judgement.”
Chambers Bar Guide 2020 (Financial Crime: Corporates)

“One of the most formidable prosecution counsel in the country.”
Legal 500 2020 (Crime)

“He has an incredible legal and tactical brain.”
Legal 500 2020 (Business & Regulatory Crime)

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