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Altman is regularly asked to comment by the BBC and other news agencies, and to speak at educational and other events. Many of his high-profile cases have been intensively covered by major national media outlets, and he is often asked to comment on them.

The case of R v Ash-Smith (see Justice for Claire), (an historic murder of a 16-year-old schoolgirl in which Brian successfully led for the prosecution) was one of two historic cases featured in Episode 3 of the BBC4 documentary series ‘The Prosecutors’ in which cameras were allowed into court buildings for the first time.

The Times said: “A star-turn of a QC, Brian Altman, destroyed Colin Ash-Smith in the witness box, and turned a circumstantial case against him into a cast-iron one…”

The programme in which Brian was interviewed followed milestones in the preparation and prosecution of the case to its successful conclusion. You can see a short clip, featuring Brian, on The Prosecutors: Real Crime and Punishment

Brian also featured in the BBC2 documentary The Babes in the Wood Murders: The Prosecutors about the Russell Bishop case (see Babes in the Wood murders), and see The Times review of the TV programme.

In an online article for Channel 4 News, “Why there is no courtroom drama like the real thing”, Patrick Worrall wrote: “Court reporters sit around and argue over top prosecutors the way that fight fans talk about boxers. Who’s the best, pound-for-pound? We all had our favourites. Mine was Brian Altman QC, vanquisher of Milly Dowler’s repulsive killer Levi Bellfield, among others. Mr Altman is an expert cross-examiner, breaking down the hardest of the hard men with patient, remorseless logic, trapping them with their own lies.” Read article on Channel 4 news.

In 2013 Brian was interviewed by Clive Coleman, the BBC legal affairs correspondent, for the Radio 4 Today programme about his tenure as First Senior Treasury Counsel and the workings of the Treasury Counsel system. Listen to: Behind the scenes at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Brian has been quoted in BBC online articles about televising court proceedings and the value of crime scene forensics in securing convictions.

For more detail on Brian’s experience and background, click here.

Talks and Engagements

‘What next for the SFO?’
In October 2022, Brian participated in a talk with Rebecca Chalkley and Sir David Calvert-Smith hosted by Addleshaw Goddard. Brian Rebecca spoke about their report into the collapse of the SFO Serco case in April 2021 and Sir David Calvert-Smith spoke about his report into the Unaoil case.

Seminars on aspects of Public Inquiry practice
In April and August 2022, Brian presented talks to lawyers at TLT LLP, respectively, on the Key Challenges in the Role of Counsel to a Public Inquiry and on Enforcement in a Public Inquiry.

Paladin National Stalking Conference
In June 2017, Brian was a keynote speaker at the first national conference hosted by Paladin, and spoke about prosecuting Levi Bellfield both in 2007/2008 and 2011.

Sexual Abuse Claims Seminar
In November 2016 Brian was a speaker at a seminar entitled “Sexual Abuse Claims: Integrated Approaches in a Changing Landscape” hosted by BLM solicitors and 39 Essex Chambers. Brian participated in a discussion on the issue of consent in sexual abuse cases.

Criminal Bar Association Conference – Excellence in Advocacy
On Saturday 13th June 2015, Brian was one of a number of well-known speakers from the Bar and judiciary to address the Criminal Bar Association Conference on “Excellence in Advocacy”.
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Beyond Borders delegation to Oman
In 2014 and 2015 Brian visited Muscat in Oman as a member of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office-funded Beyond Borders delegation to assist the Attorney General’s Office and Omani Public Prosecutors in workshops on issues of public order and bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and fraud.

FATCA Disclosure Liabilities and Client Confidentiality
On Friday 17th October 2014, Brian gave a talk to lawyers and insurers at the 2014 Meeting of the Swedish International Chamber of Commerce Financial Services and Insurance Group, which was held in London at the offices of DWF Fishburns, on “The UK Approach to FATCA Disclosure Liabilities and Client Confidentiality”.
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